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Minutes after I posted The new shiny Smolt client I’ve received lots of feedback via email, IM and Novell Bugzilla. The most annoying bugs were:

  • Bug 525324 - [home:cgoncalves:playground] the Privacy Policy window has not scrollbar
  • Bug 525322 - [home:cgoncalves:playground] smolt does not display special chars All known bugs were fixed and Smolt 1.3.2 tagged.

Q: So, what’s really new?!


  1. Smolt KDE4 popup made by Thomas Goettlicher:

The notification will be shown automatically upon KDE startup (X-KDE- autostart-phase=2)

  1. Qt.ToolButtonTextBesideIcon (the text appears beside the icon) is now default per Nuno Pinheiro’s suggestion:

  1. Window size auto-adjusting:

As you can also see BNC #525322 is indeed fixed.

I’m preparing a Smolt RPM update to submit to openSUSE Factory to get included in time for openSUSE 11.2, though you can try it already by using my home:cgoncalves:playground repository:

openSUSE 11.1:

# zypper ar home:cgoncalves:playground

openSUSE Factory:

# zypper ar home:cgoncalves:playground
# zypper ref home:cgoncalves:playground
# zypper in smolt-snapshot smolt-popup

As always, please give us feedback!