openSUSE 11.0 KDE3 Live CDs
Carlos Gonçalves
by Carlos Gonçalves


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I have been reading since openSUSE 11.0 GM release a lot of comments posted in many forums and blogs about the “lake” of KDE3 CDs. This big noise around got my attention specially because I was one of the KDE users that shared people’s preferences of using a very stable KDE version - KDE 3.5 - for daily use instead of the bleeding edge KDE 4.0.

The process of installing KDE3 on openSUSE no matter what desktop environment users were using was quite simple to follow:

# zypper install -t pattern kde3

or if you just want a clean KDE 3 base:

# zypper install --no-recommends -t pattern kde3

or even by selecting “KDE3 Base System” pattern on YaST. Easy, isn’t it?

Well, for those lazy people who don’t want to install openSUSE with KDE4, GNOME, XFCE or any other and then install KDE3 I have a gorgeous news: openSUSE 11.0 KDE3 Live CDs are now available!

These Live CDs are also installable CDs and were creating using the openSUSE KIWI Image System. They contain the latest official updates as also the latest packages from KDE:KDE3, KDE:Backports, K DE:KDE4:Factory:Desktop, and KDE:KDE4:Factory:Extra- Apps repositories as of this time of writing.

Big thanks to the KDE Team and Kiwi Team that supported me since the beginning encouraging and helping me in this adventure ;-)

Note: these ISOs are not officially supported by openSUSE nor Novell. If you want to report any bug found use Novell’s Bugzilla for better tracking. Feedback or for any other purpose please contact me via email (cgoncalves [at] opensuse [dot] org).