LAN party for children
Carlos Gonçalves
by Carlos Gonçalves


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Oeste Digital Network (ODN), a tech group part of a Portuguese association which I am involved in, some days ago was invited by ANAE (Education and Animation National Association) to join a particular mini LAN party for children between 4 and 7 years old. This LAN party will take three days (Friday to Sunday, and afternoons only obviously) in June, and the goal is to ODN take care of the games. Therefore computer games will be needed!

Since ODN is trying more and more to put proprietary software out of the way we are looking for open source game solutions to run on the 15 laptops that will be available. Digging a while for this “requirement” it seemed to be more difficult than we thought it would be - most of the games aren’t suitable for kids and others are not really playable or appealable judging by their point of view. Currently we are looking for three to five games, which at least one should be multiplayer.

So, please if you are aware of good open source games for this range of ages let me know!

P.S: If you are still wondering why this event is so particular then what would you think if I tell you that it will be hosted in a bus?! ;-) Yeah, that’s right, in a bus!